About the Project

This Sephora storefront was designed by layering the effect of elements to create depth and texture in a fun, modern way.

  • Location
    Beverly Hills, CA

Project Elements

  • Custom illuminated ribbon waves
  • Thermoformed side-lit letters
  • Internally illuminated low-profile S-flame logos

Services Rendered

  • Turnkey fabrication of custom architectural elements and signage
  • Full service installation with close supervision of project management staff to ensure customer satisfaction

The Challenge

Creating a cutting edge, thin profile, edge-lit architectural feature and attaching it in a very minimalistic way to an existing building’s structure. In addition, because the installation occurred toward the end of the project, the work took place behind a full height barricade on a limited project schedule.


The Solution

After a thorough round of research and testing, the team designed a custom die to produce a very thin extruded aluminum trim to maximize the illuminated area and minimize the non-lit materials that would detract from the effect.

Our dedicated installation and project management teams worked in tandem to complete this installation in three consecutive 20+ hour shifts to get the project completed before the grand opening.


The Result

By utilizing a combination of materials including smooth mirrored black glass, down-lit embossed wavy fiberglass resin panels, and 3-dimensional illuminated ribbons, we were able to give the storefront a projected 'motion' effect.



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